Freedom of religion has long been a fundamental tenant of American life. In the workplace, federal law makes clear that an employer may not treat its workers less favorably due to their religion or religious practices. Not only is it illegal for employers to fire (or refuse to hire) people because of their religion, it also is unlawful for an employer to permit religion-based harassment. Further, the law requires employers to permit certain reasonable religion-based accommodations to allow employees the freedom to exercise their religion. Some examples of unlawful employer conduct with respect to religion may include:


  • Failing to hire a person based on her religious beliefs;
  • Making offensive comments about one’s religious beliefs, or failing to stop or prevent a co-worker from making such comments;
  • Strongly “encouraging” participation in the employer’s favored religious activities, such as attending church or participating in activities affiliated with a supervisor’s church;
  • Shielding an employee from customer contact positions because of actual or feared customer preference; and refusing to make reasonable adjustments, such as scheduling changes, to work environment to allow the employee freedom to practice his religion.
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  • National Origin Discrimination