Federal and state law makes it illegal for employers to fire you due to your gender or because of a pregnancy. Likewise, employers may not demote, transfer, or make other employment decisions based on an employee’s sex or pregnancy. Discrimination against women is usually very subtle. Some common examples include:


  • Being disciplined for conduct that bosses tolerate from male peers;
  • Hitting the “glass ceiling” and being passed over for promotion or raises;
  • Being excluded from certain meetings, committees and other gatherings related to work;
  • Assigning women to less favorable projects or other tasks;
  • Being afforded less exposure to key customers or upper management;
  • Missing out on opportunities for not being “one of the guys;”
  • Fabricating reasons to terminate or unfairly criticize female employees;
  • Ignoring complaints about unfair treatment due to gender;
  • Treating a pregnant worker less-favorably than her non-pregnant co-worker;
  • Paying women less than men for the same job.


Additionally, employers are forbidden from creating or even tolerating a Hostile Work Environment [link to harassment portion of page] based on gender. Sometimes, employers feel that they can disguise their gender biases by hiding their discriminatory conduct. Eberly McMahon Copetas LLC has years of experience in protecting employees and exposing this kind of behavior, even when it is subtle. Contact Ted Copetas (513-533-1103) or Dave Eberly (513-533-1151) and arrange for a free consultation to discuss how they can help you protect your rights.