Federal law has prohibited age discrimination in employment since 1967; yet it remains a pervasive problem today. Too often, decision makers at companies wrongly believe that younger employees are more likely to drive growth and positive change than employees in the middle or later stages of their careers. Or, employers wrongly assume that younger workers will do a better job for less money. These misconceptions frequently lead companies to prefer younger employees over older, more experienced ones. However, employment decisions made for these reasons are illegal. We make it our mission to ensure that employees are not victimized by discriminatory assumptions based on their age, and we have plenty of experience revealing this illegal conduct, even when employers have gone to great lengths to conceal it. If you find yourself on the wrong end of one of the following decisions, please call us:


  • You have been passed over for a promotion and a younger, possibly less qualified employee has been hired for the position;
  • You have been terminated and either a younger employee has replaced you or your duties have been dispersed among other, younger employees;
  • Your job has been eliminated in a reduction in force and younger workers have been kept to perform the work you used to perform;
  • You have been denied training, involvement in important projects or exposure to upper management and top clients, while younger employees have been given these advantages;
  • You have endured harassment about your age at work, such as comments or jokes about your age, the speed at which you work, your abilities to adapt to change or new technologies, etc.


If you find yourself in these circumstances, contact Ted Copetas (513-533-1103) or Dave Eberly (513-533-1151) for a free initial consultation.