Whatever your employment law needs may be, whether you are a highly compensated executive or an hourly worker, we make your problems ours to solve. On a daily basis, we represent individuals in all facets of the employment relationship: we provide advice to employees uncertain about their rights; we negotiate employment and severance agreements for highly compensated executives and physicians; and we aggressively litigate to protect our clients’ rights. No employment related matter is too small for us to give our personal attention; and no company is too large to fight on your behalf.

Employment Litigation

Too often, employees find themselves mistreated at work, unfairly deprived of their wages or terminated for discriminatory or other unlawful reasons. Dave Eberly and Ted Copetas are highly skilled and experienced litigators who have recovered millions in settlements and awards by fighting for their clients in federal and state courts, as well as in arbitrations, mediations and hearings. We are experienced in litigating all work-related claims, including:

Age Discrimination
Race Discrimination and Harassment
Gender Discrimination / Equal Pay Act
Sexual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment
Pregnancy Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
National Origin Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Family and Medical Leave Act
Retaliation / Whistleblower Rights
Unpaid Wages / Unpaid Overtime
Non-Compete / Non-Solicitation

Executives and Management Employees

We regularly advise employees, including highly compensated executives and physicians, about their rights under contract, including non-competition and non-solicitation provisions. We also are experienced in negotiating employment agreements and severance packages.

Executive Compensation and Severance Packages
Non-compete / Non-solicit agreements