Racial and ethnic prejudice is often subtle; but it can be devastating, and nothing can truly heal the emotional wounds of bigotry. When discrimination affects your job, the impact is not only emotional, but financial as well. While many workplaces have made progress toward equality, we still encounter, and fight to stop, discriminatory practices such as the following:


  • Failing to consider qualified persons for promotions or management positions because of their race or ethnicity;
  • Disciplining minorities for conduct that gets overlooked for white employees;
  • Ignoring complaints about unequal treatment;
  • Excluding minority employees from meetings, teams, committees or gatherings;
  • Holding minorities to different standards than white employees
  • Tolerating racially insensitive jokes or other conduct in the workplace
  • Firing minority employees for conduct that white employees would not be fired for;
  • Trumping up or fabricating reasons to fire minority employees.


Just because racial and ethnic discrimination it may be carefully hidden or difficult to prove does not make it any less harmful. We make it our mission to ensure that employees are not victimized by discriminatory practices even when employers have gone to great lengths to conceal it. If you believe you have suffered discrimination because of your race or ethnicity, contact Dave Eberly (513-533-1151) or Ted Copetas (513-533-1103) for a free initial consultation.