Established in 2002, Eberly McMahon Copetas LLC’s commitment to its clients has never wavered. We established the firm to deliver exceptional legal services and value to individual and business clients who need assistance with Litigation and Employment matters, and to do so with a personal touch so often lacking in today’s marketplace.

As your trusted advisors, we appreciate that you come to us and seek our guidance and assistance because we recognize that, like any consumer of services and products, you have choices. By working with Eberly McMahon Copetas LLC, you have chosen well. Our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in the areas of Litigation and Employment. We are committed to know you and your businesses, as well as your business or individual needs and concerns, so that we can identify appropriate goals and develop and implement a sound strategy to accomplish those goals in an efficient manner.

At times you may need our assistance to review or prepare a severance or employment agreement, or perhaps to resolve a dispute shy of litigation. On other occasions there may not be an acceptable alternative to litigation because you already have been sued and need counsel immediately or you must protect your rights as, for example, a wrongfully terminated or discriminated employee, a business whose contractual partner failed to pay or provide appropriate goods or services, or a company whose employee quit and took confidential information to your competitor.

In those instances where litigation cannot be avoided, we are prepared and have the experience and knowledge to stand in your corner and protect your interests because we regularly practice throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Southeast Indiana in state and federal courts, administrative and regulatory proceedings, arbitrations and mediations.