Fair competition is the backbone of our American economy. People should be free to work for whom they want, when they want. Many employers, even small business, wish to protect their legitimately confidential information, employees, and clients from unfair “poaching.” Training employees is expensive; the intellectual property and other “inside information” employees are necessarily exposed to is justifiably protected by Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana courts, under the right circumstances. As a result, many employers require that their employees sign “non-compete,” “non-solicit” or other agreements restricting the employees’ rights when they move on to another company. While some of these agreements are valid and justified, in other circumstances the restrictions may be overbroad or there may be no legitimate need for them. Frequently, employers use non-compete agreements as a tactic to intimidate employees from leaving and going to another company. If you feel like a non-solicit or non-compete agreement is overly restrictive or unfair, we may be able to help. Frequently, we can achieve solutions short of litigation. Eberly McMahon Copetas LLC has over 50 years of combined experience in drafting, enforcing, and challenging non-compete and non-solicit agreements. Contact Dave Eberly (513-533-1151), Bob McMahon (513-533-3441) or Ted Copetas (513-533-1103) for a free consultation.